The Raising of America Project

 In April 2016 UAIMH aired a screening of THE RAISING OF AMERICA SIGNATURE HOUR: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation, followed by a panel discussion. Here is a description of this hour-long episode:

The U.S. is a can-do nation. So why is child well-being in the U.S. so much worse than in other rich countries? How does what Paul Kershaw calls “the growing squeeze” on so many young families and caregivers—the squeeze for time, for money and for resources—“drip down” on their infants and young children, literally altering the wiring of their developing brains with potential long-term consequences for learning, earning and mental and physical health? How might we do better?

This hour-long episode interweaves the latest discoveries from neuroscience with the stories of families and communities struggling to provide the nurturing environments all babies and young children need to thrive—while too often hindered by social conditions that put their children on low developmental trajectories. It doesn’t have to be this way. If the nation aspires to a healthier, safer, better educated, more prosperous and equitable future, we must find a way to enable all our children the opportunity for a strong start now.

 Please contact UAIMH through the FB Page if you are interested in showing the segment at your location. The response from the audience was a call to action to keep the early childhood movement alive.  
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