UAIMH Annual Conference


Dr. Julie Poehlmann

The presentation by Internationally recognized scholar and presenter Dr. Julie Poehlmann will focus on parental incarceration in the United States. She will discuss the risks young children face when a caregiver is incarcerated and when they witness a caregiver’s arrest, and strategies for preventing trauma in young children who have experienced these stressors. Dr. Poehlmann will also discuss factors associated with resilience in these children and their families, and help us to understand the benefits of positive parent-child communication.

Dr Poehlmann will present on December 2nd 2023

Mercedes Samudio, LCSW

Bestselling author Mercedes Samudio, LCSW will guide us through how parental shame impacts families and use her Shame-Proof Parenting framework to help professionals understand how to support a parent’s identity development. Mercedes will address how to manage common family system challenges to promote successful healing. Participants will come away with an understanding of how to support families in
shame-proof parenting.

Mercedes will present on December 3rd 2023

Dr. Jennifer Mitchell

Licensed clinical psychologist and Infant Mental Health advocate Dr. Jennifer Mitchell will explain why Reflective Practice plays a critical role in providing eective services for infants, young children, and their caregivers. She will explore how Reflective Practice influences professionals’ own experience of providing services to young children and their families, as well as the role that Reflective Practice can play in providers’ professional quality of life.

After the keynote each day, Jennifer Mitchel PHD, BCBA-D, will present
on how to utilize reflective supervision and reflective practice.


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